N.Korea economy failure

Win-Win situation is precisely what Korea and U.S. need for the sake of each other. Surprisingly, a number of people have a misconception about the cooperation between two countries, thinking that one benefits and the other take a toll. However, in many cases, both countries can benefit from each other. Without the international cooperations and trades, South Korea would have been no different from North Korea. North Korea is best known for economy failure, not being able to feed its own people. Their only trade partners are China and some terrorist supporting countries.No one, including the most extreme left-wing parties(e.g. 민노당) in South Korea, would deny the fact that North Korea failed its people and its system is fundamentally wrong.If the left-wing parties were to be asked with respect to this issue, instead of fixing the fundamentals of the problem, they would insist on giving them more food and money. For the last 10 years, this type of aids hasn’t get North Korea any far compared with the beginning. If this economy structure persists, N. Korea would never get out of this total mass. Let’s put it this way. If two people were to work for what they are good at and let the other do the rest, both would be better off at the end of the day, whereas if no cooperation, both would be worse off.Do not try to have the mindset that Korea is being manipulated by U.S.Actually, we are using each other for our own benefits.